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Revision 1 - 10 January 2022

Our Code of Conduct covers some of our most important individual responsibilities and obligations.

We expect all Parents & Carers to:

  • Know the Code and how to access it.

  • Follow the guidance in the Code of Conduct.

  • Ask for help if they are not sure what to do.

  • Speak up if they ever think that the Code has been broken.

As a responsible parent/carer of an athlete aged under 18, I will:

  • Abide by the UKA and the HCAF Child Safeguarding Policy and Child Safeguarding Procedures (See separate document).

  • Abide by the UKA and the HCAF Adult Safeguarding Policy and Adult Safeguarding Procedures (See separate document)

  • Demonstrate respectful behaviour at all times.

  • Set a good example and encourage my child to learn the rules of the sport and compete within them at all times.

  • Help my child to recognise good performance and not just results.

  • Make athletics fun.

  • Never force my child to take part in sport if they do not want to.

  • Never punish or belittle my child for losing or making mistakes.

  • Use correct and appropriate language at all times.

  • Check the qualifications and licences of people who are coaching or managing my child, or offering a service connected to athletics such as physiotherapy, massage or nutritional advice.

  • Know exactly where my child will be and who they will be with at all times.

  • Assume responsibility for safe transportation of my child to and from training and competition.

  • Return any necessary written consent forms to the club/team manager or appropriate person, including next of kin details, health and medical requirements before my child goes to any away events or trips.

  • Provide any necessary medical information and medication that my child needs for training or trips away.

  • Report any concerns about my child’s (or any other child’s) welfare to the Club Welfare Officer or National Welfare Officer. (This does not affect your right to contact your local Social Services or the Police if you feel it is necessary).

  • In no way undermine, put down or belittle athletes, coaches or practitioners.

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete, coach, technical official and others involved in athletics and treat everyone equally.

  • Cooperate fully with others involved in the sport such as coaches, technical officials, team managers, doctors, physiotherapists, sport scientists and representatives of the governing body in the best interests of the athlete.

  • Consistently promote positive aspects of the sport such as fair play and never condone rule violations or the use of prohibited or age-inappropriate substances.

  • Never place undue pressure on children to perform, participate or compete.

  • Take an active interest in your child’s participation.

  • Attend training or competitions whenever possible.

  • Never make assumptions about your child’s safety.

  • Ensure that your child does not take any unnecessary valuable items to training or competition.

  • Inform your child’s coach or team manager of any illness or disability that needs to be taken into consideration for athletic performance.

As a responsible parent/person with parental responsibility or other supporters for a young athlete, when participating in or attending any athletics activities, including training/coaching sessions and competition events you will:

  • Act with dignity and display courtesy and good manners towards others.

  • ​Avoid swearing and abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself or others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment and physical and sexual abuse.

  • Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language by others.

  • ​Be aware that your attitude and behaviour directly affects the behaviour of your child and other young athletes.

  • ​Avoid destructive behaviour and leave athletics venues as you find them.

  • Never engage in any inappropriate or illegal behaviour.

  • ​Not carry or consume alcohol to excess and/or illegal substances.

  • ​Not carry any items that can be dangerous to yourself or to others excluding athletics equipment used in the course of your child’s athletics activity.

I understand that if I do not follow the code, action can be taken by my club and I may:

  • Be asked to apologise for my behaviour.

  • Receive a verbal or written warning from the club committee/HCAF.

  • ​Be suspended from attending club training sessions and events.

  • Be suspended from the club.

  • ​Be required to leave the club.



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