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Competition Info

During the season there are many competitions open for athletes of any level to compete in.  As a club we compete in local and regional leagues - all dates are on the calendar below. 

As an individual athlete you have many other competition options open to you.

Open Meets
Athletes can also enter open meets which run throughout the season, all over the country.  The two links below are a good place to find open meets.

County Competitions
The county championships can be found on the calendar below, you will need to enter via the county website and pay a fee to enter.  You compete for the county you live in or were born in (you cannot compete for two counties in one season).

National Championships
Athletes are also able to enter themselves into national championships, you will usually need to reach a qualification standard into order to enter.  National championships can be found on the England Athletics Website

For more information on competitions click to read our guide - read more

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